Tepack, technical packaging solutions

After-Sales Service

Beyond Machines

Only one machine can satisfy the needs of production but it alone doesn’t satisfy customer’s expectations. 

Tepack gives a complete service, from assessing before creation to long after delivery.

  • Study of customer’s needs.
  • Investigation and development of the project.
  • After-sales service (repairing and spare materials)
  • Technical service adapted to customers:

Technical Service

This point is one of the characteristics that define our commitment with the customer. As innovations in this service we offer:

Interactive User’s Guide on the machine’s screen


Once the machine is made, a technical assistance is needed. That is why we offer an interactive user’s guide with the machine.

It is a very understandable guide that shows the production process step by step. Having the guide inside the same machine is a very practical way of saving problems in little time because the person who is working with it is able to have a look at the instructions in situ.

Moreover, we attach the same guide in a CD format to be consulted at any place or moment.

Remote Programming Assistance of the machine

atencion distancias

Lots of times, problems need an immediate solution, but distance between technicians and the machine make that saving these problems costs lots of hours of production. For this reason Tepack has created a new service: Remote Programming Assistance.

How does it work?

Customer’s machines can be connected to a server which enables Tepack to access to the operating system when customers allow it. Our technicians can repair programming problems from the head office of Tepack. This saves the costs of trips and reduces stopping the production much time.