Tepack, technical packaging solutions

Tepack around packaging machinery

Tepack designs, constructs, assembles, follows-up and improves high production machines of flexible packaging.

We focus not only on machines but also on everything related to packaging environment, such as fillers or transfer groups.


We create new packaging systems and new ways of production from the study and investigation with new technologies only with the unique aim of satisfying the needs of marketing and distribution of our clients.

More than 20 years of experience in this sector provides us the know-how to understand the problems of our clients and give the most suitable solutions and improvements for every single case. Our commitment is the innovation and efficiency of our machines that guarantee a high production and competitivity for our clients.

Our aim is to create a machine that covers all these advantages: fast, easy to use, with versatility to adapt the same machine to other packaging formats, capable of saving raw material, that the results of production reach the highest quality and at a suitable cost for each client.

Our Philosophy

Every single customer, a solution.

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The main objective of Tepack is to fulfill each customer requirements into each sector of the market. And thanks to the vast experience of our team, as well as the firm conviction that the quality and versatility are the most important, we have integrated a very efficient working method for the customer and a very solid one for our company.

As the market tendency changes very fast has made that we bring up our machines, products and services, thus the main characteristic that defines Tepack’s work is the versatility to these tendencies in every specific project.

Our work is daily improved, where we apply our knowledge, we investigate the possibilities and we create new ways of production. The customer’s satisfaction is our prize. So we believe that it is not only a matter to produce very good quality machinery but to provide with a previous service before the production as well as a technical service as a result of our commitment with the customer.


Packaging is an industry with high growth and lots of formats to exploit.

Most of the products that are sold nowadays are packed in different formats depending on the content.

Packaging is one of the most important parts of a product in a marketing sense. It is at the same time: container, protector and communicator of the product. It is the one that first comes in contact with the end user and the one that must allow him/her the access to the content. It is the main entrance for a consumer to the product.

Tepack has focused its labour on flexible packaging, a format that uses sachets or bags, mainly in these markets:

Flexible packaging has lots of different shapes and utilities. Some of them cover the single dose products: stick pack, and flat sachet of 4 and 3 side seals. Because of its versatility, all products could use those packages offering an efficient and original solution for the distribution . In Tepack, we know how to deal with them using our equipments and packaging solutions.